Warsan Waste Management Company

The World's Largest Energy from Waste Facility
The Waste Management Strategy
Building a new source of sustainable energy supply for Dubai


The Ambitious Warsan Waste Management Strategy Has Begun

Set to convert 1.9 Million tonnes a year of Municipal residual solid waste into sustainable energy, the Warsan Waste Management Centre is being billed as the world’s largest Energy from Waste facility to be constructed to date.

As a landmark project, WWMC will be a new source of sustainable energy supply for Dubai

WWMC will further establish Dubai’s vision of becoming the world’s most sustainable city by supporting the Pillars of Environmental Protection.

The Strategy

The WWMC project is being developed in the form of a Build, Operate and Transfer (BOT) contract on behalf of Dubai Municipality

The Developers

Setting a new Benchmark

Operating at the Warsan site in Dubai, the project will convert 5,666 tonnes of residual solid waste every day into 200 MW of electricity feeding directly into the Dubai Electricity and Water Authority power grid system. The sustainable energy produced will be capable of providing power to 135,000 homes, which is roughly 2% of the annual electricity consumption in Dubai.


WWMC is a jointly owned company of the following Partners